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1988 Continued

BMX Simulator had been a big hit. It had never been converted to the Amstrad though and the Spectrum version was looking dated. Codemasters wanted to go for a higher price point of £4.99 so it was a good chance to write a better game, with a lot more features and levels and overall quality. This new version, Pro BMX Simulator, incorporated several new levels that we'd created and was converted by Richard Darling, who had written the original game.

Having been impressed by Bob Geldolf's Live Aid we learnt that he was organising another huge charity event called Sport Aid which involved half marathons being run all over the world.

Codemasters contacted the event organisers volunteering our services to write The Race Against Time game.

Carl Lewis

We took the Dizzy game engine and based the game on a runner that had to light beacons at major landmarks across the world, with puzzles that had to be solved to get to each beacon. Codemasters were keen for retailers to give all profits to charity and as a result the game did not sell as well as we hoped. Also on reflection, it may not have been the most suitable idea for a game but it was in a good cause. A photograph of Jesse Owens was featured on the first print run but there were some legal complications with the photo used, so Codemasters switched to a colour photograph of Carl Lewis as he was the current world record holder.

We decided it was time to move from our parents' house. Property prices were low and as an investment we bought a house in Trowbridge. We turned one of the bedrooms into an office and carried on writing the games.

During the summer of 1988 we spent many Sunday afternoons riding on a friend's jet ski and this inspired us for our next game...

The Jet Bike Simulator game consisted of courses around lakes and docks and had the jet skis zooming under piers and over jumps. All the things you wanted to do on these, but weren't allowed!

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