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We decided it was time to write a PacMan style game for the Amstrad as there was a gap in the market for a good PacMan clone, so Fast Food was born. This was great fun for us as we had always been huge PacMan fans. It was incredibly quick to write. The game was up and playable within three days and we spent a further two weeks implementing improved graphics, front end and music. We learnt some interesting lessons about simple artificial intelligence and playability during this time.

When the sequel to Ghostbusters came out we were approached by Stefan Ufnowski (for whom we'd written Incredible Shrinking Sphere) to write the Spectrum & Amstrad versions of Ghostbusters II.

We jumped at the chance. He and his programmer and artist designed and wrote the game on the Atari ST & Amiga. Whilst writing the game we only had the script, a few photos and sketches; the first we saw of the film was at the premiere, by which time the game had been mastered. The film company couldn't decide on the final logo and we kept receiving different instructions on which to use. Was it with or without that back foot?

Whilst everything went well with development we had problems with being paid and learned our first lessons of going through court to chase debt. Although we won he was declared bankrupt, so we never got the money.

In the autumn of 1989 we decided it was a good time to write another Dizzy game as Treasure Island had proved hugely successful. We already

had Dizzy & Daisy and so to maintain this theme in Fantasy World Dizzy we introduced The Yolkfolk: Dylan, Denzil, Dora, Dozy and the rest of the gang. The maps and puzzles were bigger and better and we gave the player lives which was a great improvement to the game.

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