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Magicland Dizzy was the first game that we had ever contracted to an outside developer, and like all new experiences it was very interesting and we learnt many good lessons for the future.

As we were the creators of Dizzy and had always written the games ourselves, we had never had to write out a game design as our ideas just flowed. This game taught us to write detailed game design documents which proved to be invaluable.

After seeing Tetris and being impressed by its simple yet addictive nature we decided to have a go. We fully designed Dizzy Panic on paper and contracted it to Big Red Software to code.

The Master System version which had a 2 player mode was never released, so the Game Gear version was the one to have. It's so rare we don’t even have a copy!

The interesting thing about games is that if the player is allowed to take risks it makes the game more addictive. The risks you take are by using short cuts, losing lives or trying to get a higher score. All the most addictive games use these features to the full.

We contracted Big Red Software to write Dizzy Prince of Yolkfolk which was the next in the Dizzy adventure series. It was a tight, well-constructed classy game and we were very pleased.

Whilst developing The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy on the NES we created many sub games. In one of them Black Heart the Pirate makes Dizzy walk the plank. Once on the sea bed he has to use bubbles to float back to the surface and escape to dry land. It was good fun to play so we had it converted to release on its own as Bubble Dizzy.

The team behind this version decided they were going to make the biggest Dizzy game yet. But we always felt that Spellbound Dizzy should have been more compact as it lost some of its charm by being too large.

We established Interactive Studios in late 1990.

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