The Oliver Twins

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We were bearing the costs of producing games but as they were not released we had no income to support development. We had to find a solution. The Sega Master System was very similar to the NES in its ability and the recently released Game Gear was just a handheld Master system, so we decided to convert Dizzy the Adventurer, Dreamworld Pogie, Go! Dizzy Go! and Wonderland Dizzy. Here were some potential releases and we could salvage some of the work we had already done. We felt we had no choice and started converting the games.

During production our relationship with Codemasters took a downturn. We decided to cancel Dreamworld Pogie fairly quickly as some of the staff left us and we didn't have the staff left to convert all of them. A few months into the work Codemasters’ marketing department told us that it was not prepared to release the games separately at full price so we would have to turn them into one compilation. Powerless to do anything about this we called the compilation The Excellent Dizzy Collection and it should have contained Dizzy the Adventurer, Go! Dizzy Go! and Wonderland Dizzy.

A month or so into development we were told that the compilation could not contain two adventure games.

So as the pressure was on we decided to convert the aptly named Panic Dizzy as it was the simplest Dizzy game written and would complement the other two games well. After many trials and tribulations The Excellent Dizzy Collection was comprised of Dizzy the Adventurer, Panic Dizzy and Go! Dizzy Go!

We were getting desperate and by now we were having difficulty paying staff, some of them left and we were living off our wives' incomes. We felt that the time had come to break away from Codemasters and go it alone...

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