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Life after CodeMasters

Las Vegas

It was now November 1993. We had to get our name out to the industry and find new publishers as quickly as possible. CES, a trade show in Las Vegas, was to be held in the second week of January so we decided to design letterheads and business cards and prepare our first company profile.

We spotted a full page advert in CTW which is the trade publication of the games industry. It had been placed by Jacqui Lyons of industry agents Marjacq and was congratulating one of her clients on another number one bestseller and thanking the publisher and the industry for their part in helping to distribute the game.

We'd met Jacqui on a number of occasions whilst she'd been selling the PDS (Programming Development Systems) and so decided to give her a call to explain the situation we found ourselves in. In December she visited our office and we went through our company profile, our recent work, our problems and our potential for the future. Jacqui was very accommodating, offering to represent us to the industry with her vast array of contacts and we devised a plan to sell our services to the industry.

Acclaim logo

We also contacted Fergus McGovern of Probe Software, another developer but one that had a very close relationship with Acclaim - the leading publisher of the day.

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